Book Reviews, Editing, and Beta Reader Services

Fabulous fantasy! Spine-chilling horror! Thought-provoking science fiction! Epic romance! Your badass biography!

All of these topics have one thing in common.

They will sit collecting dust in cyberspace or your garage or the publisher's warehouse without an editor to weed the literary garden that your fertile imagination has produced or a book reviewer to help promote your impeccably weeded and show-ready garden.

Behind every successful author is a dedicated editor whose mission it is to ensure that your work shines and a book reviewer to tell the world about your work.

It can be intimidating to share your most lovingly crafted thoughts with someone who has the potential to swoop through your carefully constructed world with the allegorical red pen, crying: "HAHAHA, NOOOOOOOOO!" as they strike through word after word, sentence after sentence, and sometimes entire paragraphs or chapters.

It can be devastating to have some smug-faced schmuck sneering haughtily over their cappuccino as they prepare to peer down their nose into your meticulously crafted Universe with the intent of verbally eviscerating your life's work.

As an author myself, I understand these fears, which is why I endeavor to be compassionate in my approach as a book reviewer and editor/proofreader.

When it comes to issues such as spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, I simply state what needs to be changed. When it comes to the substance of the story, I suggest changes that will improve readability.

As a reviewer, I point out what worked for me in the story and what didn't. I don't make snide remarks such as "I hope this author doesn't quit his day job slinging burgers." If I feel that the author has promise (most authors do) but their story needs work on the mechanical aspects, that is what I will say. It would not make me happy to learn that someone quit writing because of some snippy quip I made. I don't make snippy quips unless something in the work truly angers me. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence.

Hiring an editor can be expensive. My suggested pricing structure is as follows: one dollar per page for the first time editing your work. If a second read-through is necessary, fifty cents per page. You pay me what you can afford. You can pay me in tips through Ko-Fi or my Paypal donate button or I can send you an official Paypal invoice. You can also pay me in gift cards, i.e. Amazon or Walmart. I would also appreciate a recommendation and a link to my services page on your page or blog.

I am also willing to do an exchange of services or take payment in the form of product, providing the product or service is something I actually want or need. If you're a massage therapist who is willing to exchange $250 worth of massages for my editing of your 250-page book, this is a fantastic offer if you're located in my area. It's not a workable exchange if you're located in Katmandu, because it is highly unlikely that I will ever travel to Katmandu.

Similarly, you may make really cute baby shoes or shirts for dogs, but neither of these products would be useful to me as I do not possess either a baby or a dog.

I am available as a beta reader in exchange for a link to this blog on your blog. If you do not have a blog, a recommendation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever form of social media you use works as well. I promise to play by the rules of good Beta Reader etiquette.

I do edit and review erotica with the caveat that I am not keen on non-con, strong dub-con, DDLG, underaged characters, scat, necrophilia, or gore. Vampires and zombies do not count as necrophilia, they are Undead. I publish reviews of erotica on the Naughty Netherworld Press blog as well as this blog.

I do edit and review fan fiction as well as work intended for professional publication. Sorry, my services are not available for Destiel. Most Destiel shippers are cool, but the "Destieheller" faction have made me despise that ship, so I would not be able to view Destiel fics through unbiased eyes. I will also not edit or review romantic or sexual RPF (slash fiction involving real people.) Non-sexual/non-romantic RPF is acceptable.

As far as I am concerned, fan fiction writing is real writing, whether or not it ever leads to the author writing stories with original characters and settings slated for publication.

The costs for my book review services are as follows:
You provide me with an electronic copy of the book.

If your book is available on Amazon, I reserve the right to include a link to your book in my review on this blog. I will earn a small commission if anyone purchases your book through my link.

If you like your review, you provide a link to it on your own blog. Word of mouth will help me spread the word about my services. It's a win-win.

If you have a bunch of excess money burning a hole in your bank account, you can buy me a cup of coffee or donate to me on Paypal through the links on my sidebar.

It doesn't get any easier or cost-effective than that!

Please keep in mind that providing me with a copy of your book does not guarantee a good review. I endeavor to be both fair and honest in the reviewing process and to point out both what I like and what I don't like about the work.

It is very rare that I give a book a one-star rating. This usually only happens if the author displays belittling, prejudiced attitudes towards others based on traits such as age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or size. This does not mean the book can't contain awful characters who harbor dickish opinions. It means that when the author themselves evidently harbors dickish opinions, I am likely to slam-dunk their star rating down the nearest sewer.

I look forward to helping you make your story shine and to sharing your shiny story with potential readers!

Email me at and put EDITING SERVICES, BOOK REVIEWS, or BETA READER in all caps in the subject line so I don't miss it. You are also welcome to comment here on this post with your email address if you would like me to contact you.


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