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These are the main Blogs of the Netherworld. This page was created while I was in a mixed state. That's Bipolar-Speak for irritable + depressed, and it isn't fun. Unless you have bipolar disorder you never "feel bipolar" so fuck right off with that shit. Content warning for foul language and mild to moderate peril.

There's the Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp, where I talk about my broken brain, our broken society, and shit that pisses me off.
There's Dark Hearts Love Too, which is all about my fucking photography and poetry. Well, not literally FUCKING photography. That would be...
Naughty Netherworld Press! But that really isn't fucking photography, it's fucking stories. Specifically, High Klass Kwalitee Kindle Smut done Netherworld Style!
There's the Horror Harridans Writing Sisterhood, which is all about my fucking writing, smutty and otherwise.
There's Deliver Me, the only WAH blog that runs with scissors.
Then there's Good Stuff From Grover, which is all about really cool handmade stuff, both edible and not.

Try one or all of them! One thing's for sure, you won't be bored!

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