West Holpry: An Urban Nightmare

West Holpry: An Urban Nightmare: As the citizens of West Holpry, the capitol of the totalitarian realm of West Zecor watched, King Qweh paraded a new victim through the streets towards the city’s notorious Ktenology Center, a building from which no prisoner emerged alive. Qweh was a...

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  1. 'Nuwy, the place where the spirits of the lost ones who had done no evil but had never known love were taken. There, these unhappy souls would rest and dream until they became part of the planet.' was the phrase that caught my mind.
    I can see whole stories emerging from here.
    Yet another intriguing snippet - and I would love to see more (in the fullness of time).

    1. I've been working on this story since 2014. I've finally started expanding on bits of it.


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