#ShamelessSelfPromosSaturday: 2020-06-13

#ShamelessSelfPromosSaturday: 2020-06-13:

This week, I have to ask myself if I can call them “works in progress” if I'm not working on them or making progress. Between wrestling with depression and being sick of dealing with online trolls, I focused primarily on cryptocurrency. 

The following is my response to the author of the above post. He has some thoughts that those of you who are writers or artists (particularly writers or artists who suffer from depression) might appreciate. If you like what he says, please consider signing up for a Publish0x account so you can give him a cryptocurrency tip at no cost to yourself.
Sometimes the progress is wretchedly slow, but any progress is progress. I live with both mental and physical disabilities, and lately, it seems to be not so much living as floundering. I have ADD, type 2 bipolar disorder, and OCD that manifests as hoarding disorder (objects, not animals.) I forced myself to work full-time at physically demanding jobs (mostly in health care) until I could no longer do so. I now become fatigued very easily and can't lift anything very heavy. It is extremely discouraging to me.
I'm saying this because I know where you're coming from. While working all the time, I neglected the state of the mobile home I was living in because I just couldn't deal with it. I now live with my son, who also lives with psychological disabilities. Physically, he's reasonably strong. 
He is helping me clear out that mobile home, and I was so disgusted with myself when I found out that we will get pretty well nothing for it because of the shape its in. The furnace and swamp cooler don't work. I froze every winter and roasted every summer for the past 5 years that I was in there because I couldn't afford to get them fixed. When I found out that I wouldn't be able to repay my son for his help, I quite literally wanted to kill myself. I still feel pretty damn shitty about it but from a purely pragmatic point of view, killing myself would leave my son in even worse straits than if I remain alive. He is high-functioning autistic and is not able to drive.
I appreciate your writing. When I'm on Publish0x and notice one of your posts, I check it out. 
I know this will sound trite and dumb and I wish I could offer something better, but your work does make a difference. I thank you for it.
An addendum for the people I follow on other platforms.
I may not say it much, but there are some of you whose writing and art can make a huge difference in what kind of day I have. Thank you.


  1. Hugs.
    I am thinking of you, and admire your persistence. Despite the sometimes incredible odds.

    1. Thank you. Once this damn trailer is gone, I can begin to live. If I am able to get disability, that would help even more.

  2. May God keep you and bless you.


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