Insecure Writers' Support Group 6 May 2020

My Insecure Writers' Support Group post for this month is here.

Parental Advisory for the entire post. I tend to liberally sprinkle my writing with salty language. If your parents don't want you reading the colorful words, then hit the back button.
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  1. It is your honesty (confronting as it can be) which keeps me coming back.
    I hope that someday you find a ritual which works for you.

    1. You are one of the few people who feels that way. I've tried to change myself, but I'm simply not able to keep the mask on. I may be a great ham, but I'm a terrible actress.

  2. Thank you Cara for a beautiful and original layout poem. Don’t you dare let your dreams wither and die or ever conform to this world. We are all different, so what is conformity ?
    Thanks also for the great video on the English Language and it’s evolution, fascinating, very into languages myself. Chaucer was very hard going, once I learnt German, Goethe was even more ...

  3. Thank you Cara for the most honest and brave post, I’ve read in a while. Diagnosed as bi-polar myself, like my dead father and suicide sister before me, I feel for you. Stay who you are and write whatever you like and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not good enough. Society and doctors think we are mentally ill, but we are not, just over-sensitive and with cause. It is the World which has gone crazy, not us. We are just stronger, having developed a defense mechanism which is shunned : the capacity to say ‘ NO, Enough ‘.
    What society calls ‘ magical ‘ rituals are just natural remedies to corporal and mind unease. Herboristerie was once called witchcraft, not so long ago. The Japanese, Chinese and Indians have always connected with nature over millenium to ease the hardships of life but Western society is only starting to understand this now. Personally , do-in yoga, herbal teas, dancing, singing, music , rambling in nature and writing have always been my safeguards, although I have needed to fight constantly to be allowed to practice them while doing boring day jobs and raising three children. So , please Cara, continue living your life with your heart and writing what brings joy to you and you will find your audience. Better to have a few very good friends than a host of really shitty ones.
    Those who care about your quirks don’t matter, those who matter, don’t care.
    Wishing you an inspiring , fruitful spring and summer months of awakening. See you on Urban Nightmare. Mine is really going to be completely through the roof. Take care, stay safe.


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