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Writer Beware®: The Blog: How Predatory Companies Are Trying to Hijack Your ...: Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware® In my first post about the ways that predatory companies attempt to ensnare unwary writers...

I highly recommend following this blog. The POD publishing company that stuck it to me 10 and 12 years ago is Outskirts Press. They got literally thousands of dollars out of me and all I got out of it was a couple of boxes of books.

They charged me $99 to format a Kindle e-book. I later found out that I can easily do that myself and keep the $99. 

Seriously. Do not pay anyone that amount of money to format your Kindle e-book for you. Download the KDP app and do it yourself. Or, if you want to let someone do it for you, find someone who will do it for a reasonable fee. I can usually do it in the space of an hour for books that don't have images. It isn't difficult at all. 

I would not feel right about charging someone more than $20 for my time for this service. To put this in perspective, I made $20 per hour as a nurse. Formatting a Kindle e-book that had no pictures is dead easy compared to the tasks I performed as a nurse. All you need is a complete manuscript in .docx or PDF format, the KDP app, and about an hour to completely format your ebook and have it ready for publication on Amazon. Nobody should be asking $99 to complete such a simple job.

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