Weekend Writing Warriors 15 November 2019

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The tall, slender ghost's long, blond hair extended to the mid-back area of his black trenchcoat. The Yithian possessed a conical body made of a rigid, rubbery material. It had two great pincers extending from the shoulder area, and two long neck stalks. One of the neck stalks terminated in a round yellow head with three eyes, small, flowerlike ears, and a multitude of hairlike tentacles. The other neck stalk terminated in a cluster of four red trumpet-like projections. The Yithian slid like a snail on the great foot at the bottom of its conical body.

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

WeWriWa and Snippet Sunday friends and fiends, I still need voters in my Battle of the Poems! Please stop by the Horror Harridans blog to participate. The Battle will run till the end of the month. The purpose is to help me choose which poems will be going into my November PAD Chapbook Challenge final manuscript. Hope to see you there!


Earth's Dreamlands and Xura are the creations of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Zetar star system originates in the Star Trek universe and was mentioned in the original series episode The Lights of Zetar, written by the late Shari Lewis and Jeremy Tarcher. Zetar 6 (Zecor) is an expansion of the original concept and is the creation of Team Netherworld. 


  1. Loved the description of the Yithian.

    1. H.P. Lovecraft gets full credit for that one. The Yithians are his creation!
      One of the poems in the chapbook manuscript I just submitted (not the one I'm running the Battle of the Poems for) was an invitation to Mr. Lovecraft to join me for tea.


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