Mayhem React to Lords of Chaos Movie

Mayhem React to Lords of Chaos Movie

Ornery Rating for Lords of Chaos:

One of Five Stars

For a moment I thought I was looking at Pasi of Impaled Rektum on the left. Alas, the deplorable Lords of Chaos was far from being Heavy Trip (Ornery rating for Heavy Trip is five of five stars and you'd probably better buy some Depends because you will piss yourself laughing.) The only saving grace with Lords of Chaos is the fact that I paid nothing to see it. I don't think I've hated a movie so much since Alien 3, and I paid five bucks to see that steaming pile of Xenomorph spoor.

If you were sent into a room and told to find Necrobutcher, the real Necrobutcher is the person least likely to be chosen. He’s a very sweet man, always has been. I thought it was terribly disrespectful for the makers of the film to (once again) exploit his friend’s suicide in such an outre fashion. The movie was all spectacle, no substance.

If you are interested in learning more about black metal, watch Until the Light Takes Us. (Ornery rating five of five stars.) Lords of Chaos is on par with discovering rancid rat milk in your refrigerator when you were looking for a nice bit of feta.

Necrobutcher is high on my list of people I’d like to have a pint or a cup of coffee with. He’s a very low-key, intellectual dude in real life. Much respect for him and for what he’s been through and anyone who shares Pelle Ohlin’s suicide photo can go fuck themselves with a cactus. Which is pretty much what the surviving members of Morbid (Pelle's first band) said about the matter, only without the cactus part.

The Cheese Hath Grated It

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