Carpe Diem #1791: Bare Branches

bare branches
a painting against the blue sky
leaves under my feet
crunch foretelling coming snow
chill breeze blowing through the air

bare branches like claws
reach into the great unknown
hard winter ahead
too little snow or too much
the wind chills me to my bones

the blue sky turns gray
the snow begins to fall down
blown by the cold wind
I retreat inside the house
the cold tries to reach me there

the leaves are long gone
to the earth or raked away
nothing can linger
things that lose their youthful shine
are hidden away from view

unforgiving sky
tells of foul weather to come
thankful for warning
I plan my week according
to the weather prophecy

chill breeze cuts through me
its cruelty refreshing
brutal honesty
the winter shows no mercy
to anything in its path


The Hokku of the first verse was written by Yozakura the Unknown Haiku Poet. The rest can be attributed to me.


  1. Truth - but I do adore the elegance of bare branches filigreed against the sky.

    1. I do too. I also like living out in the middle of nowhere, which most people would find intolerable.


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