Battle of the Poems 2019: Day #9

Image by jan nowak from Pixabay

And now, on with today's Battle!

Poem #17
Bullying Hurts for a Lifetime

strange child
playing by yourself again
how do you expect anyone to be your friend
when you're such a peculiar thing
too shy to look anyone in the eye
exploring alone on a Saturday
wishing the Lord your soul would take
sometime on Sunday night
before Monday rolls around
and you're back at school
with the pretty boys and girls 
who bully you mercilessly
after years of being taunted
your inquisitive spirit stagnates
lying dormant in the graveyard of your heart
as you attempt to pacify
your restless, wounded soul
with substances
and false love
and other lies you tell yourself
to get through another day


Poem #18
Silenced Voices
For Those No Longer With Us

though all different
you each had a special gift
I won't forget you


  1. Ouch.
    On both counts. Those wounds scar and fester and reopen far too easily.
    I also love your second poem. Being remembered (preferably kindly) is as close to immortality as many of us will get.
    Fence sitting today.

  2. My vote is for Poem #17
    Bullying Hurts for a Lifetime. Reminded me of someone I know very well!

  3. These are both wonderful! I'd have to say #17 really struck a chord with me, though, so I must choose that one.


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