Battle of the Poems 2019: Day #7

Image by sipa from Pixabay

Yesterday's Battle of the Poems ended in a tie. I'm a bit late getting today's episode out, so let's get to it! Today we are looking at two poems inspired by Team Netherworld's epic saga, Fetch. They're both mercilessly brief, so pick your favorite. You're welcome to vote even if you haven't done so before.

Poem #13
One So Small

how can one so small
make a difference at all?
I fear all is lost


Poem #14
Man Becomes Myth

he thinks that
he's a simple man
but he is
a legend
he is a million deep dreams
I a silent sigh

Which do you find the most fetching? Cast your vote!



  1. Both are intriguing. I do hope (fervently) that change does come from the little people. Goodness knows I don't trust the rich, the powerful, the famous (for being famous)...

    1. Yeah, let's see, nothing says "trustworthy" like billionaire Jeff Bezos who runs his warehouses like sweatshops and a worker who's had a heart attack is left to lie on the floor for 20 minutes before anyone does something about it. Or my country's Dick Tater, Lord Dampnut. Now, there's a trustworthy guy who runs to his trusted Russian and Ukrainian pals for advice. Of course, we could always turn to the likes of Kim Kartrashian and her sisters for advice on...what? If these are our choices, we're seriously fucked.


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