Battle of the Poems 2019: Day 21

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Prime-Time Pantoum took the title yesterday. Today's also-rans are all about playing with words. Will the Antonymic Bomb blow away the sassy Shape poem, or will Form find a way to diffuse the Bomb?

Poem #5
Antonymic Bomb

adored abhorred
beloved bedeviled
cherished castoff
delightful devil
embraceable evil
fortunate fiend
great goblin
honored hated
idolized ignored
joyful jerk
kind killer
lovely leech
meticulous mess
nice neer-do-well
open obstruction
pleasant prat
quiet quarrel
righteous rogue
sweet scallawag
tidy tawdry
unforgettable understrapper
vital vampire
wholesome wagtail
xylographing xenomorphs
yeomanly yobbos
zesty zombies


Poem #12

can't force
me to adhere
to a prescribed form
I'm totally a
free spirit



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    1. Thank you for stopping by and voting on a holiday. Hope yours is a good one if you celebrate in any way and simply a good day if you don't.


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