Battle of the Poems 2019: Day 2

Image by Sirawit Seengam from Pixabay

Poem #3:
Three Trees

three trees tittering
their terrible taunting threat
terrorizing thrice


Poem #4:
Night Owl

Night owl
working all night long
night after night
far into the wee hours of the night
burning the midnight oil
burning the candle at both ends
never getting ten winks
let alone forty
night after night
going in for a night's work
running on fumes
an hour or two of sleep
"I'll sleep when I'm dead," she said
but then in the dead of night
at the witching hour
as she was walking her rounds
she saw a thing that wasn't right
any time of the day or night
the night owl that needed to call it a day
looking into the face of something
that wasn't really there
or was it?
She supposed she didn't really want to know.


Do you prefer the merciful brevity of #3 or the merciless self-deprecation of #4? Yes, #4 is autobiographical. I worked the night shift for most of my working life, and sometimes it caught up with me.

Many thanks to those who have helped me so far. The battle between Poems #1 & #2 is currently tied, so both are still in the running.



  1. I like the second one because I like the line:
    "the night owl that needed to call it a day"

    I know how that feels. Now don't you think that folks choose a poem for the craziest reasons?

  2. I like them both, but the first gets my mind wandering, while the second gets a 'me too' response.
    So I am opting for a wandering mind.
    And IF I make the most comments skip the Amazon gift card. Amazon doesn't play nicely with Australia, and you need the cash.

  3. Whatever the reasons for your choices, I thank you for playing along. We have another tie!
    Day 3 is a bit late in making the scene. My apologies!


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