Battle of the Poems 2019: Day 16

Hello everyone! #29 won yesterday's Battle of the Poems. The first round is over. It's time for the Battle of the Also-Rans. Today we have Antonymic Bomb in the ring with Angie Blue. Is it time for Angie to shine, or will the alliterated antonyms blow you away?

Poem #5
Antonymic Bomb

adored abhorred
beloved bedeviled
cherished castoff
delightful devil
embraceable evil
fortunate fiend
great goblin
honored hated
idolized ignored
joyful jerk
kind killer
lovely leech
meticulous mess
nice neer-do-well
open obstruction
pleasant prat
quiet quarrel
righteous rogue
sweet scallawag
tidy tawdry
unforgettable understrapper
vital vampire
wholesome wagtail
xylographing xenomorphs
yeomanly yobbos
zesty zombies


Poem #7
Angie Blue

in a time that came and went long ago
whether I was taking down my walking cane and hat
or wrapped up in my bell-bottom blues
I guess you could call me Angie Blue

I was that girl who lived my life in the songs I heard
on the rock and roll radio
I dreamed of wide spaces and endless love

and maybe if I'd been pretty
instead of an ugly duckling girl
maybe I'd have found something more

than fire that quickly turned to ice
and shallow-hearted boys looking for a hookup
that didn't last any longer than a song

you could call me Angie Blue
the ugly duckling girl who learned the truth
that there will never be a prince who rides along the sea and the mountain

my collection of colorful hats now sit collecting dust
my walking cane is now used to support
a body that doesn't work very well

the boys who wanted a good-time girl
are now middle-aged men cheating on their wives
with foolish young women not much older than I was then

I suppose it was better to live my truth
then to get caught up in a web
of love that was no more than lies

but I have been lonely
there is no one and only
unless you count only lonely me

footloose in my mind
with a body that can't dance in reality
and not so fancy or free at all


1 comment:

  1. Fun as the alliteration is, Angie finally gets a look in from me.


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