Battle of the Poems 2019: Day 15

Yesterday's battle of the poems was taken by #28. In the ring today, we have a slightly cheeky rhyme and a dark free verse. Which one will you pick? Simply voice your choice in the comments!

The first round is almost over. Tomorrow we'll start with the quarterfinals. Thank you to everyone who has participated!

Poem #29
Have iPhone, Will Travel

Have iPhone
Will travel
I've never seen the Northern Lights
I'd like to get them in my sights
To watch their ghostly green glow
As they put on their show
See them dance across the sky
And if I could fly
I'd like to dance into their beams
And leap from stream to stream

Have iPhone, honey
But no money
So I won't be going far
In my beat-up car
But when my beat-up body ceases to run
I'll go and have my fun
I'll ride on the green glow
Who knows how far I'll go?
Dancing in the Northern Lights
I'll become one with the night


Poem #30
The End
A Fetch Story Poem

When the end came to her world
She left her body behind
Everything she knew was gone
She walked through poison atmosphere
Watching the city burn
She looked up to the sky
At the small sun gone nova
Having glutted itself on the energies
Of its larger companion
The planet flooded with gamma rays
Could no longer sustain life
She grieved her useless efforts
Wishing she could snuff herself out
Like one of the candles that she burned
In the vain hope of countering
The misguided sorcery
That brought about the end
The end of life
The end of hope
The end of everything

1 comment:

  1. #29 for me today. I would like to see the Northen lights too.


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