Battle of the Poems 2019: Day #14

Image by Valentin Tikhonov from Pixabay

Yesterday's battle of the poems ended in a tie. Thank you to Elephant's Child and Denise for voting!

Today we revisit Angie Blue, who lost on Day 4 to the Hen Haibun. Her acrostic goes up against the Tanka about the big changes to my living situation over the past year.

Poem #27
An Acrostic for Angie Blue

All alone adrift
Nothing nice nevermore
Going, going, gone
Intwining imaginative intricacies
Envisioning elusive eternity

Boiling bad blood brew
Love long lost
Unquiet undying urges
Escaping exotic eyes


Poem #28

grateful for what's here
a town far from everything
life in an old house
impossible dreams fade out
bittersweet acceptance in


  1. Sorry Angie Blue, but the tanka has my vote today.

  2. I didn;t know you write poetry Cie. It's pretty good poetry. I particularly enjoyed Grateful. Looking forward to more.

  3. Hi Cie - I can't seem to find the link to vote. Still searching.

    1. Hey Kalpana,
      Just indicate which one you like in the comments. Sorry, I wasn't clear about that. I'm not competing directly against anyone else. I'm just trying to narrow my poems down to the best 20 out of 30 for my chapbook manuscript.


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