Battle of the Poems 2019: Day #12

Image by Rachealmarie from Pixabay

Today we have the silly Poem #23 up against the all-too-familiar sad story of a foolish young woman who has been taken advantage of by a guy who knew all along that he didn't want anything long-term but convinced her that he cared.
Which one will you choose?

I haven't yet gotten a proper dryer vent duct. Hopefully, I will be able to remedy that next week. Many of you may be saying "well, why don't you just go to the hardware store?" The nearest hardware store is 50 miles away. As to why I don't just order it from Amazon, you can see the result of that in Poem #23.

Poem #23
Dear Dryer Hose Manufacturer

Dear Dryer Hose Manufacturer,
In the box I found
A dryer hose
Two tension clamps
And instructions that told me
To not use the tension clamps
But instead, use two worm drive clamps
Not included in this box
Why would you do this?


Poem #24
A Dialogue

you had my heart
I only wanted a hookup
you should have said so
you took the chance
you shouldn't lie
you should be more careful who you trust
you should be ashamed
but you're the one who is
how can you be so heartless?
it's your fault for thinking with your heart
why do you think cruel is cool?
I'm not the one sitting home crying
you're a miserable liar
you're the one who feels like dying
I did everything you wanted
and now I'll find someone else to do the same
you are the worst
but I won't take the blame
you are the lowest
but you carry the shame


  1. You carry the shame indeed.
    It was ever thus, and I suspect not a lot has changed.
    I smiled at the first (in rueful recognition) but #24 has my vote today.

    1. Yes, who hasn't had the experience of being hosed by a manufacturer? The dryer vent was a cheap bit of foil made in China. At least I got my money back. Thanks for voting!

  2. First one!
    Dear blank blank blankety blank Manufacturer,

    There should be a generic forum letter! They never get it right.

  3. Poem # 24 is like an arrow shot through the heart...but so damn true! I like it better than #23 if that's what you're asking.

  4. As a simple soul - and frustrated shopper - I vote for: Poem #23
    Dear Dryer Hose Manufacturer

    1. Thanks Roland, I appreciate the vote.
      I am a very simple soul and am so often dismayed about how not simple things are.


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