Battle of the Poems 2019: Day #11

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Poem #20 was the clear winner in yesterday's Battle of the Poems. Thank you all so much for helping!
Today we have a Senryu and a Tanka in the ring. Which one speaks to you?

Poem #21
The Traveler

I travel away
to worlds distant from my own
where I find myself


Poem #22
Mr. Perfect

he's honed his image
everything is perfection
on point tip to toe
such a perfect gentleman
until he takes off the mask


  1. Love The Traveller.
    And wish (how I wish) that all the Mr Perfect's masks were permanently removed.

    1. Thank you for your vote!
      I woke up late today so the new Battle was delayed.
      I know you said you didn't want the gift card (you would have been the clear winner) but I will get a copy of the chapbook to you when it's published, either because I won the contest (which I don't expect) or because I publish it (the more likely possibility) sometime next year.


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