November PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 24: A Dialogue

you had my heart
I only wanted a hookup
you should have said so
you took the chance
you shouldn't lie
you should be more careful who you trust
you should be ashamed
but you're the one who is
how can you be so heartless?
it's your fault for thinking with your heart
why do you think cruel is cool?
I'm not the one sitting home crying
you're a miserable liar
you're the one who feels like dying
I did everything you wanted
and now I'll find someone else to do the same
you are the worst
but I won't take the blame
you are the lowest
but you carry the shame


Today's November PAD Chapbook Challenge asked for a dialogue poem. I had this terrible conversation all too many times in my younger days when my self-esteem was at its worst and I let bad guys do terrible things to me in the vain hope that they would love me back. Being the cold-hearted bitch that I get accused of being when I rebuff the advances of jerks who think I should consider myself lucky that they're paying attention to me is far better than being broken-hearted and feeling used.


  1. Hello,

    No one has the right to treat you badly. It is best to stay away from the mean hateful people. Hopefully you find a person you can trust to spend your life with. They are out there. Have a happy day and a great new week. PS, your comment on my blog did make me smile, thanks.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Eileen. I always enjoy joining your Saturday critters prompt. Even if there are good guys out there, I don't want 'em. The thought of a romantic entanglement makes all my hair stand on end, and not in a good way! A good platonic friend is the best thing, I think.


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