November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2019: Day 6: Blitzing Open the Way

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

open the door
open the way
way to go
way way out

out you get
out of here
here you go
here you are

are you awake
are you sleeping
sleeping alone
sleeping in

in your bed
in your head
head on out
head on down

down the shaft
down the stairs
stairs to the attic
stairs to the street

street with no name
street leading away
away from this place
away from this town

town with no heart
town with no prospects
prospects for gold
prospects for growth

growth of a weed
growth of a flower
flower of love
flower of power

power over others
power corrupts
corrupts the soul
corrupts society

society thrives
society crumbles
crumbles to ruin
crumbles to dust

dust my broom
dust off my old boots
boots made for walking
boots walk all over you

you are my dream
you are my sorrow
sorrow fills my voice
sorrow fills my heart



Today's prompt for the November PAD Chapbook Challenge was to write an opening poem. I can't think of a more opening poem than a poem that opens with open.

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