November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2019: Day 14: A Fetch Story Poem: Man Becomes Myth

Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay

he thinks that
he's a simple man
but he is
a legend
he is a million deep dreams
I a silent sigh

A Shadorma for Gerry from Pepper

Today's November PAD Chapbook Challenge was to write a myth poem. It didn't have to be about an established myth. I wrote another Fetch story poem. 

Gerry Clifford, the story's male protagonist, came from a working-class background and became a successful and well-paid musician. He never thought of himself as a rock star and made a point not to indulge in "rock star" attitudes. 

Pepper Baiij, the story's female protagonist, is a troubled woman whose family always wanted to be wealthy and instilled the belief in her that if you are anything but a member of high society, you are nothing. Pepper believes herself to be fatally flawed and can't understand how Gerry could feel anything but disdain for her.

Gerry sees himself as a very simple person and can't imagine why anyone would take the least bit of interest in him outside of his skill set. To Pepper, Gerry is a legend and impossibly high above her.

The image references another part of the story. Pepper and Gerry met previously in an ill-fated lifetime on a dying planet where she was a powerless princess of a ruthless dictatorship ruled over by her brutal older half-brother and Gerry was a lowly thief captured by said half-brother and presented to the princess as a replacement for the bodyguard her brother killed in a fit of rage. This gesture was intended as a jest on the part of the king, but the princess accepted the diminutive, elven thief as her new bodyguard and the pair formed a powerful though ultimately ill-fated bond.

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