Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #109 Renga with Basho ... life's journey

Mount Fuji

spring rain
trickling into the wasp's nest
a leaky roof
the roof has been repaired
the wasps eradicated

blooming wildly
among the peach trees
first cherry blossoms
it is my dream to one day
have a few fruit trees growing

butterflies and birds
restlessly they rise up
a cloud of flowers
these are the best things in spring
not so a mind painted black

coming to the eye
especially at this time
May's Mount Fuji
I hoped to visit sometime
must be content with pictures

life's journey
plowing the patch of rice field
back and forth
sometimes best to look forward
to simple things in our lives

the lettuce
leaves are just as green
eggplant soup
I must remember to try
vegetables for cooking

~Basho & Cie~

The Hokku stanzas of these Renga were written by Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694). The Ageku stanzas were whipped up by me.

The Ageku of the third verse references the fact that I experience my worst depressive states in the spring. When the hearts of normal people turn to lurrrrve and all that happy crappy, my psyche turns to a dark tomb while the flowers bloom and the birds sing and I just want to sleep forever but usually don't sleep very well. I tend to get the side-eye from people when I try to talk about spring depression. "What do you mean you get depressed in the spring? Springtime is happy time! Normal depressed people get depressed in the WINTER!"

You see, I don't even know how to do depression right, even though I've been doing it my entire life!


  1. I agree that the seasons affect us in different ways. Me, I just hate the short winter days, Especially if they're dark and dreary.

    1. That's what most people with SAD (seasonal effective disorder) do. Oh, but not me! I get like that during the time that most people look forward to because my garbage brain says: "Cie, we must do everything ass-backwards at all costs!"

    2. That should be Seasonal Affective Disorder. I always get effect and affect mixed up. Even when I have the first letter of the word as a glaring hint right in front of my face!


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