Carpe Diem #1784: Rain at the Crossroads

soaking wet signpost
I try to read while trudging
through wet pampas grass

soaking wet signpost
water running in my eyes
watercolor rain

I try to read while trudging
always try to do too much
must learn to focus

through wet pampas grass
the signpost just up ahead
slips further away

Santoka Taneda & Cie

The assignment today was to take two Haiku by Santoka Taneda (3 December 1882 – 11 October 1940) and turn them into a single Haiku, then turn that Haiku into a Troiku. 

Here are the two original Haiku:

soaking wet
I can’t read the letters
on the signpost

walking through
the bush clover, the pampas grass,
walking on through them

© Santoka Taneda

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