Weekend Writing Warriors 14 July 2019 (ER, LGBT, RO, SF)

Sarah followed Norman up a set of rickety wooden stairs. The android pushed open an overhead door made of metal. Rays of bright afternoon sunlight caused Sarah to squint. Norman and Sarah emerged into a pristine world of almost impossible perfection.

“What is this place?” Sarah wondered, breathing in the fresh, unpolluted air.

“I am not certain,” Norman admitted. “Wherever it is, you are correct that the atmosphere in this realm is nearly free from the pollutants which sully the stratosphere of Earth 6. Together we will explore and discern the ways of this region in which we find ourselves. We must find a source of hydration and nourishment for you.”

Norman closed the access door to the underground cellar and took note of the number painted on it.

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

This snippet is from Naughty Netherworld Press' current WIP, Cyberia. The conversation is between Agent Sarah Swallows of the Alien and Supernatural Search Squadron and Norman, an affable android, who were drawn through a wormhole when Base Lust-69 broke apart at the end of Carnal Invasion XII: Paraji's Prisoners. 

Take a peek inside Carnal Invasion XII:

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  1. How nice to land in an unpolluted environment. Will Agent Swallows and Norman be welcomed by the existing inhabitants (if any) I wonder.


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