Tidbit Tuesday #1: Katou's Revelation

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Captain Abigail Botterill uses her scientific abilities for evil

The following is an excerpt from Carnal Invasion XIII: Caged Birds, due for release from Naughty Netherworld Press on Kindle on July 4, 2019. 
A trio of Japanese-American vampires, Ahmose Ike, Gregory Inoue, and Mondo Katou, plus Ahmose's boyfriend Bernie Jaskolski, have traveled back in time to the Manzanar Internment camp in the hopes of saving Gregory's husband, Theodoric Elms. 
This snippet contains profanity and vampires, so if you'd rather avoid foul-mouthed bloodsuckers from beyond the grave, this is your chance to hit the back button and retreat from whence you came.

“Katou, quit being a cunt,” Ahmose demanded irritably. “As you must know, I’ve a very short fuse where you’re concerned, and I’m just nanometers from hitting the trigger and going full nuclear on your ass. You told us that Captain Botterill killed Theodoric. Just how did she do it?”

“It was Paraji’s Djinn who sabotaged Theo’s vintage car,” Katou revealed. “They blasted it with energy waves, causing it to lose control. When the car flipped, Gregory and Theo were stunned, but Theo still wasn’t easy to subdue. Those Djinn are strong, you know that, and, as you’ve noticed, Theo is special. It took four Djinn to take him down and put him under. When the Djinn got him back to the base, Botterill had them shackle him to a gurney with a silver collar and manacles. She…”

Katou swallowed hard, and a bloody tear ran down his cheek.

“She drained every ounce of his blood from him,” he revealed, voice quavering. “I begged her to stop, but she kept draining until his body was just a sack of skin draped over his bones. She injected him with silver and his body turned black. She assured me that the condition was temporary, and she would reverse it as long as I did what she ordered.”

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

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  1. Sorry, I am in a titbit free zone - but thank you for continuing to share snippets from Caged Birds.


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