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I am extremely grateful for all the writing prompts used in creating Carnal Invasion XIII: Caged Birds, which will be published today. It truly would not have happened without these prompts.

I wish to give an extra shout-out to the Write-Edit-Publish blog for inspiring the creation of the first chapter of this book. I remain gobsmacked by how contentious this short piece was. I honestly considered the piece to be a character study and didn't expect much more than a few "interesting story" comments. Instead, I got raked over the coals pretty much from the start, which was disheartening, to say the least. In fairness, there were some people who were quite supportive, and I appreciate that.

Regardless of what happened, I am grateful for the inspiration I gained from the prompt and am looking forward to participating in future prompts. 

I also wish to give a shout-out to Mindlovemisery's Menagerie for this prompt, which was used in the creation of the final chapter of the book. I would like to share an excerpt, but, it's the final chapter.

I have my reasons for wanting this book to be published on the Fourth of July. First, the book contains references to the displacement of people of Japanese ancestry by the United States Government during World War II. This shameful incident is not discussed in history books, and it should not be swept under the rug. 

There is also a reference made in the book to the current human rights abuses transpiring in the United States wherein Latino migrants are being held in unconscionable conditions. I have long been a history buff, and the parallels between past dictators such as Hitler and Stalin and the current so-called leader of the free world cannot be ignored. 

I hope a few of you will consider picking up a copy of the book during its promotional period. This is the one I thought might break me, but I finally wrestled it into submission. It's a pity I can't drink because if I could, I'd be three sheets to the wind right now!

With gratitude from your resident contentious cuss,
Cie, HBIC Naughty Netherworld Press, and Team Netherworld Creations


  1. I am so glad your truly dreadful experience in the last WEP didn't put you off.
    And love that you write, write and write some more.

    1. Honestly, if I were made of sterner stuff it would have just rolled off my back. It reminded me of being back in school when I came to the point where I just shut up and never contributed because any idea I had was sneered at and ridiculed by my lovely classmates.
      It's funny that creative people are expected to be really tough and not let criticism bother them, but a fair number of creative people are actually extremely fragile.

  2. Hi,
    I think and believe creative people are the most sensitive people in the world and the older that I get the more this belief is cemented in me. I compare it to a woman bringing a child in the world. We carry the book, the sculpture, the painting, or the song we're writing deep within us. We give it life. It is a part of us and therefore we are very raw and sore when it comes to life and like a mother with her newborn babe, we are tired and need to sleep to get back our energy. However, that doesn't stop us from being protective of that piece of art regardless of the form it appears in.
    Whereas you came to the point of just shutting up in school, I became aggressive and would sink into myself until I became tough enough to face the criticism and keep marching. Yes, I am still sensitive. Sometimes too sensitive. As a writer and a singer, I hurt deeply but I've also come to accept that not everyone is going to like what I write or what I sing or even how I play piano. That's okay with me most of the times now because I've learned to face the hurt and keep walking.
    And that is obviously what you're doing and I am glad of that.

    Wishing you all the best and I'm glad you're staying with the WEP.

    Shalom aleichem,

    Pat G

    1. Actually, the other side of the coin was aggressiveness, but that didn't manifest until I was in my teens. I got in a lot of fights.
      I don't expect everyone to like what I write, not by a long shot. Personally, I have a policy of trying to find the positive in anything I'm reviewing before commenting on any negatives. I got bombarded with way too many of the "I don't read icky, icky vampire stories" types of comments, and my thought was "then why the hell are you reading this? Find something you want to read!"
      People tend to look for someone they can dump their own bad feelings onto. It isn't the first time that I ended up being that person. Although I would like it to be the last, it probably isn't.


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