Insecure Writers' Support Group Discussion of Are You There, God, It's Me, Margaret

1. Throughout the book, Judy Blume shares Margaret’s prayers to God. Have you ever used prayers in either external (spoken) dialogue or internal (inner) dialogue? (Doesn’t even need to be directed toward God. Any sort of prayer counts.)

I was raised Catholic and I was quite devout until I got into my late teens. Honestly, one of the reasons I came to doubt the dogma of my religion was their attitude towards menstruation. I had hellish periods and the idea that I was being punished for Eve's indiscretion was odious to me.

2. Judy Blume tended to keep her dialogue short but relevant, no more no less, do you keep your dialogue short and to the immediate story point?
I try to keep things short and to the point. I don't always succeed, let's be real.

3. Judy Blume writes in the first person, and I noticed she used small portions of narrative between dialogue to convey thought and feelings of the main character as they talked. 

QUESTION: Do you combine narrative and dialogue?

4. A. Have you ever written dialogue for children or young adults? Did you struggle with it or find it surprisingly easy?
I struggle with it. I'm used to writing for adults. I find writing for adults much easier.

B. If you’ve had children in your writings, what/who inspired them, their actions, and their dialogue?
To be honest, I'm not particularly innovative in this area. Most of my child and adolescent female characters are me, and most of my child and adolescent male characters are my son, who is now 29.

5. At the time it was written, this story was a contemporary, and now it reads more like a period piece (no pun intended). Is this story still effective? How could this story be re-imagined or updated to better appeal to the youth of today? 
I don't think it should be changed. I think it is still relevant and I don't think it would work as well if it were modernized.

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