Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation: Goat and Sunflowers

I drive past a house
Little goat stretches through fence
Munches sunflower



  1. I am a fan of both goats and sunflowers. Multi-story buildings not so much - though those views would be incredible.

    1. When I was a child, I thought it would be hip and mod to live in a high-rise. (I grew up in the 70's, so I actually did think those words.) These days, such a life sounds like hell. I much prefer the country.

  2. Sounds like that little goat would be perfect for Goat Yoga.
    (Yes that is a real thing!)

    Thanks for visiting (sMOTHERed) ~Jules

    1. I've wanted to try goat yoga, but the classes usually start way too early for this old night-shift worker. Even though I haven't worked night shifts for a couple of years, I still sleep like crap at night.


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