Carpe Diem Summer Love 2019: Day 4: Ice Cream

snow fall in belly
adding lusciousness to feast 
vanilla ice cream

snow fall in belly
it had been too long a time
since I had ice cream

adding lusciousness to feast
after our woodworking class
we wished for a treat

vanilla ice cream
was not the flavor chosen
I chose chocolate


Even as a child, I always chose chocolate ice cream. I can remember being three years old and my dad was pulling me in a wagon back from the ice cream shop. I had chocolate ice cream on my face, and I was ridiculously happy.
My son feels that butterscotch is a tremendously underrated ice cream and topping flavor. Much to his dismay, they have ceased carrying the butterscotch cone dip at Dairy Queen. However, we went to Baskin Robbins last night, and they had a new butterscotch flavor ice cream. 


  1. I can take or leave icecream. Lemon gelato is another matter - and a (too) rare treat.

    1. I would not cry at having lemon gelato.
      I'm a bit of a pedant and can't much discern the difference between ice cream and gelato, if I'm to be perfectly honest. It's like how I don't know art, but I know what I like.


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