Carpe Diem Summer Love 2019: Day 2: Two Hearts Together

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

A poetry tribute to Chris Isaak, king of the rockabilly ballad
Using song titles from his album "Heart Shaped World"

Heart Shaped World
My sad heart shaped world
Shattered by an asteroid
Scorched by the hot sun
My heart went supernova
Love always goes wrong for me

I'm Not Waiting
I'm not waiting 'round
You said that you'd wait for me
But you ran away
Wish I could change everything
From the time you drove me mad

Don't Make Me Dream About You
I begged you please 
Don't make me dream about you
Let's just remain friends
You said you wanted me more
But in the end you just ran

Kings of the Highway
Kings of the highway
You led such amazing lives
Though it took its toll
Playing rock and roll a dream
Dream sometimes becomes nightmare

Wicked Game
Wicked game it was
When you begged for my love
Did you know it then
How it would be in the end
Was I a way to kill time?

Blue Spanish Sky
A blue Spanish sky
At times your eyes were so blue
Sometimes they were green
To me you were beautiful
I wish you could still be mine

Wrong to Love You
It's wrong to love you
But I love you anyway
There's no way I can't
Wish you would come back to me
Wish we could start once again

Forever Young
Not forever young
Everything grows old and dies
Maybe even love
I think the end came too quick
I think it was all my fault

Nothing's Changed
Nothing's changed inside
My love for you is still strong
Every day I cry
Every day I miss you so
Every night I dream of you

In the Heat of the Jungle
Sitting in this place
In the heat of the jungle
Suburban jungle
Wishing for a miracle
In a place without magic

Much love and respect for Chris
A really great guy and insanely talented musician

An ornery old broad and two great men. My son Michael (L) and Chris Isaak (R)

Not one ounce of bullshit or fangirling here. Chris Isaak is truly one of the nicest, most humble people you could ever hope to meet in spite of having more talent in his little finger than most of us have in our entire bodies. 
Re: the verse for "Nothing's Changed," credit must also be given to the 1960s Australian pop band The Valentines for the inspiration from their song "Every Day I Cry." RIP Bon Scott (1946 - 1980) and Vince Lovegrove (1947 - 2012).
In the daze of my youth, I had delusions of becoming a musician. Trouble is, I can't carry a tune in a bucket, the girl ain't got rhythm, and, as Chuck D once said, I can't even play Lotto.

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