Carpe Diem Summer Challenge 2019: Sundown

Doomed version 7
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Some sundowns rise on another day of loss and one day set forever on a self ravaged by a broken mind.


Sundowning is a term for confusion in a dementia patient which worsens as evening comes on. Towards the end of his life, my father, who had vascular dementia, was sundowning. He confused reality with events on television. 
My father was a college professor. I have cared for more than one college professor or other people whose work revolved around using their mind who ended up with dementia. The junk science sharticles which proclaim that exercising your mind helps prevent dementia make me see liquid murder. 
You know what helps prevent dementia? Not having the DNA trigger for dementia coded in your genetic makeup. You could watch nothing but reruns of Jersey Shore and the Flavor of Love for your entire life and not end up with dementia if the trigger for dementia isn't in your DNA. I don't recommend it, but you could.
Dementia is horrible. It destroys lives. The least we could do is not insult those suffering from dementia and their caregivers and loved ones by publishing victim-blaming crap. 

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I'm hoping one day to get this tattooed on my arm in honor of my father


  1. YES. I read that exercising your mind will prevent dementia and swear. It is yet another way to blame the victims.
    The UK calls dementia homes 'homes for the bewildered' which I like. Some days I would qualify for a room too.

    1. In the care home where I worked for close to 11 years, there were a lot of people who had been professors at the local college, who had been musicians, who had been school teachers, so many people whose minds were their bread and butter. I recall one woman who had been on the forefront of the feminist movement, a very bright and wonderful lady whose mind was being stolen from her by Alzheimer's. I worked the night shift and would help her get dressed in the morning. She would always say to me "I feel so stupid," and I would say to her: "'Rose,' you aren't stupid. You have a sickness which is causing you to feel confused, but you aren't stupid." It broke my heart.
      The latest junk science thing which made me want to throw my computer at someone's head is a claim that "sugary drinks are linked to cancer." I wonder if these so-called "scientists" thought to look at all the chemicals which are in the sugary drinks. These sharticles always contain an element of finger-wagging. It isn't people in the middle and upper classes who are prone to drinking a lot of soda and such, it's people in the underclasses. Perhaps if they had access to adequate food sources and a place to properly prepare their food, they wouldn't be eating so many highly processed, chemical-filled foods. I get so fired up about these attitudes which castigate those in unfortunate circumstances rather than addressing the underlying issues.


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