Carpe Diem Summer Challenge 2019: Heat Wave: Troiku with Humor

after the summer heat
raindrops kissing my naked body
Ah! that coolness

After the summer heat
Relief comes about mid-fall
The best time of year

Raindrops kissing my naked body
Best I take my butt inside
Before someone sees

Ah! That coolness!
Every year I dream of fall
It never lasts long

Chèvrefeuille & Cie

The "sleigh" of this Troiku was created by Chèvrefeuille. The foolish horses can be blamed on me.


  1. Love this. Swimming naked in the rain is a precious memory of mine. Something that these days I would only do on a dark moonless (not counting my butt) night.

    1. I've never had a place where I could do that sort of thing. I vaguely remember my parents going to a nudist camp when I was a kid, but I've never been anyplace where I could swim in the altogether as an adult, and I'd be too self-conscious to do so with other people there.

    2. As a teenager we often went to the river at night. And usually swam naked. In the one and only house I ever lived in with a pool, naked swimming was a regular event. For me. Just me.


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