Weekend Meditation #88: Crossroads Haiku: Sea Cliffs

coming to sea cliffs
the off-shore breeze raises
a flower fragrance

coming to sea cliffs
escaping from my old life
what awaits in mist

the off-shore breeze raises
the mist dissipates slightly
the waves roll to shore

a flower fragrance
mingles with kelp and decay
dead fish lies on sand

curving with the land
a rainbow of clouds
moves out to sea

curving with the land
I watch the horizon form
as mist fades away

a rainbow of clouds
with sunrise colors appear
driving away dark

moves out to sea
the darkness, seagulls, and waves
I watch the world form


Once again I thought of my story, The Legend of Seacliffe, and it's protagonist, Randal Messana. The poem allows readers to see through his eyes. (Or, as I initially spelled it, to sea through his eyes.)
Here is my first poem in what I am now calling the Seacliffe Series.
The "sleighs" of these Troiku were composed by Jane Reichhold (1937 - 2016). I am responsible for any unruly "horses."


  1. Love, love, love the image.
    And the poem.
    These lines ' a flower fragrance
    mingles with kelp and decay
    dead fish lies on sand'
    struck me most. Something for every one - and who is to say which aroma is preferable.

    1. I think of Randal as being the sort of person who tends to see it as all part of life. His gloomy friend Jorn might have something a little more bleakly philosophical to impart regarding the dead fish!


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