True Colors Hidden, Beauty Forgotten

How can you say that you will show
Your inner truth like blood on snow
When you keep truth hidden inside
Rather than risk hurting your pride
How deep within does your pain go?

What you hide within cannot grow
The light in your soul will not show
Do you know what resides inside
How can you say

Do you think that your love can grow
Not letting your true colors show
Who you are is always denied
What you wish is hidden inside
Is a lie worth getting to know
How can you say


Prompts Used:

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For tonight's exercise in self-abuse, I have chosen the Rondeau. I don't know about you, but I find this to be a challenging form.
Here is how you form a Rondeau.
(1) A A B B A (2) A A B with refrain: C (3) A A B B A with concluding refrain C. The refrain must be identical with the beginning of the first line.
Christine says that while she encourages pieces that touch on the lived experiences of those who identify as LGBTQ for the Pride Anthem challenge, it isn't a requirement. 
While I for one give not one single rip about anyone's sexual orientation and would ask that others return me the same courtesy, I will disclose that my poem was written from the POV of someone who hid their mental health issues for many years as opposed to someone who felt forced into the closet regarding their sexuality. However, the poem is for anyone who feels as if they have had to hide a key part of themselves in the often closed-minded world in which we live.


  1. Lovely.
    I am a firm believer that things hidden have a nasty tendency to fester and grow.

  2. PS: Which sounds a bit supercilious. Not intended. Surfice it to say that there is more than a little festering here.

    1. I think Billy Joel had some good thoughts about secrets with "The Stranger." We all have certain things about ourselves that we don't mention to anyone, but hiding one's true nature always leads to trouble. I was diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder at 38, and because of the stigma surrounding bipolar disorder, I kept the truth about myself hidden. I eventually came to the point where it made me angry to do that, and if people were going to treat me differently because I had bipolar disorder, they were people I didn't want in my life anyway.
      I had a very difficult time when I was in school, and I started self-harming as a teenager. I often wore long sleeves to hide the cuts on my arms. A lot of the issues I've dealt with have never really been addressed very well, but I don't trust mental health people. Or medical people in general, really.


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