Troiku Challenge 2019: Day 7: Unlocked Fence

unlocked fence
walking towards the countryside
finally free

unlocked fence
will I find freedom outside
or more enslavement

walking towards the countryside
the world outside is alien
imprisoned so long

finally free
no more fences, no more guards
but such a high cost

~Chèvrefeuille & Cie~

I could not help but think of the prison camps of World War II when I saw this image. We must never be allowed to sweep those horrors under the rug because they make us uncomfortable. 
I watched a program about the descendants of some of the leaders involved with the Holocaust. These are good people who want to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. They are not proud of being related to such terrible individuals as their ancestors. 
Rudolf Hess' grandson Rainer said, "if my grandfather were alive, I would kill him myself." 
Hermann Goring's grandniece Bettina and her brother both had themselves voluntarily sterilized.
Amon Goeth's daughter wasn't aware of her father's exact role in the Holocaust until she saw Schindler's List. The realization was so upsetting to her that it caused her to go into shock.
We must remember the Holocaust, and we must not allow other atrocities and mistreatments of our fellow humans to be swept under the rug.
Many people are not aware of the Armenian genocide.
The United States isn't too keen for people to remember that during World War II, people of Japanese ancestry, including those born in the United States, were locked in internment camps.
Think what is happening right now in the United States with migrant children being taken from their parents and locked in detention centers or placed with foster families, some of whom are abusive. Cheeto Hitler denies that any of the blame rests with him when it sits squarely on his lap. And no, I will not apologize for referring to him as Cheeto Hitler.


  1. My father was a German Jew. How he got out I don't know. What happened to the rest of his family I don't know - but he could never speak of them and I grew up without any relatives on his side. So I expect the worst.
    And no, it is never to be forgotten or repeated.

    1. My paternal grandmother's father was a Lieutenant in the Czar's army before the revolution. He and his brothers jumped on the boat out of Russia with bullets flying at them. A bit of an exciting story to tell, but I don't imagine it was a happy moment for them.
      I can never understand how people can do some of the things they do. It horrifies me.


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