Troiku Challenge 2019: Day 6 + Poetry Pantry #482: Chasing a Fly

chasing a fly
in silent meditation mode
eyes fixed

chasing a fly
which keeps buzzing about me
distracting my thoughts

in silent meditation mode
I attempt to fell the beast
won't you let me be?

eyes fixed
I raise my hand to strike down
it flies out of reach

~Chèvrefeuille & Cie~

The "sleigh" of this Troiku was created by Chèvrefeuille. The Three Horses of the Apocalypse were created by me.
This poem actually fits in with my "Legend of Seacliffe" poetry place-holders. The Legend of Seacliffe's protagonist, Randal Messana, is based on my son Michael. Michael loves bees and has neutral to favorable opinions on most insects. However, he despises flies.
I am imagining a scene where Randal is being distracted by a particularly persistent fly while tending to his horse team. Charlie and Jorn are trying to be polite and not laugh at Randal's predicament, but they are well amused.


  1. My monkey mind finds silent meditation (indeed all meditation) well nigh impossible. Flies, shafts of light, random thoughts all distract me...

    1. With silent meditation, I either get distracted or I fall asleep. I try to find other ways to meditate on things, such as writing poetry.


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