Troiku Challenge 2019 #4: Spring Snow

Spring Snow

spring snow
purifies earth and heaven –
our enemies perish

spring snow
hearing the army's approach
grows red with spilled blood

purifies earth and heaven
the god of war triumphant
the bodies burning

our enemies perish
we see our enemy's face
when looking in glass

Mizuhara Shûôshi & Cie

The "sleigh" in this grim Troiku was written by Mizuhara Shûôshi (9 Oct 1892–17 July 1981). The three horses of the Apocalypse were created by me.


  1. Ouch.
    We are they, and they are us.
    A painful and often unrealised truth.

    1. Dehumanizing the "enemy" is one of the most-used tactics in war. It's also very effective.


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