Operation Awesome: N J Simmonds' Debut Author Spotlight #NewBook #20Q...

Operation Awesome: N J Simmonds' Debut Author Spotlight #NewBook #20Q...: The Path Keeper (The Indigo Chronicles Book 1) by N J Simmonds 1- Would you share some cat humor with us, please?

Cie sez: Do click the link. You won't regret it.

"As a writer, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others, but worrying if your book will be commercial enough will block your creativity! Write YOUR story."
This is something that I really, really need to remember. 
I have a brain that works differently. I have type 2 bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADD, and some borderline personality disorder thrown in for good measure. For years I tried to write according to formulas. I can't stick to them no matter how I try.
Even when I tried writing erotica according to formulas (i.e. people want to read about muscly alpha billionaires and werewolves.) I just couldn't do it. My erotica is just as full of quirky characters as the rest of my writing!
I'm probably the most prolific writer I know. It makes me kind of sad that it will probably never translate into money because I have a lot of stories to tell!

By the way, there is a bisexual billionaire vampire-werewolf hybrid in the torrid Carnal Invasion series. His name is Sonny Walton, and while he does appreciate the ladies, he really likes a certain strongman vampire named Ivan who came to Climax Castle from the Moscow Circus. So, if that sort of thing is your bag, Baby, be sure to head over to the Naughty Netherworld Press blog and check it out!


  1. Great interview.
    Judging a book by its cover? To some extent I think we all do. Does the cover interest us enough to pick us up or does it (also true in some cases) mean we don't even consider it.

    1. I have no budget to create covers and even less artistic talent. I use Kindle's cover creator. I think the covers are eye-catching if a bit cheesy. Then again, after all, it's cheesy erotica, not highbrow classic lit! ;-)


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