Lafayette: My Guide and Friend

You were
My guide and friend
The day I brought you home
You hid until the nighttime came
You learned to feel safe at home with me
I loved you with all of my heart
I felt my heart shatter
When you left me
You were

I will love you forever, Buddy
There are some things you never get over
No matter how many times people insist that you "should"


  1. Yanking on my heart strings here. I have loved and lost many cats over the years. Some are very, very special. Medlyn wound his paws deep into my heart strings and took a piece of me with him when he left. He died over ten years ago and I still miss him. And mourn.

    1. I wrote this with tears running down my face. Animals are family. Sometimes we end up closer with them than we do with people. They don't judge us.


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