Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille: Summer Solstice

At the beginning of the day on the summer solstice, I leave my body sleeping and walk in dreams to a place I will never see in life. I watch the sunrise through rocks mysteriously stacked long ago and wonder if it was possible that I was there in some form.

Do I have a connection to a time and place I could not possibly have known in my current reality, or do I merely wish that I was more important than I am? Did I once have wisdom and abilities forgotten by the passage of centuries and lifetimes, or am I merely a pathetic creature who wishes there was a possibility that I might not be as utterly hopeless and wretched as I appear?

There was a time when I believed in one God and a single savior. Then came the time that I believed in many deities and no specific savior. At this point, I neither believe nor disbelieve in any specific thing, except that I think the god postulated by most organized religious institutions is a construct created to give adherents carte blanche to behave cruelly.

is there someone there
a powerful entity
or are we alone?


It is not my intent to belittle anyone's faith. The thoughts I express are mine and mine alone. I neither believe nor disbelieve in any particular deity or set of deities, including the Christian god. My final paragraph is a criticism of the sorts of people who use their religion to behave as intolerant bigots and to cause harm to those who do not adhere to their dogma and edicts.


  1. Agreed, On all counts. Except that I never accepted the Christian dogma. I am, as I have been for many a long year an agnostic with leanings towards atheism.

    1. I was a devout Catholic until I was in my late teens and became appalled by the behavior of many of the so-called "good Christians" I knew. Then I started questioning big time.
      My son was raised with the freedom to explore whatever religion interested him. He's a devout agnostic.
      I have some beliefs (as I said, I've seen some shit) but I am in no way arrogant enough to claim that I know exactly what the score is.


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