Carpe Diem Summer Love 2019 Day 1 + Poetry Pantry #485: The Worst Lie

I never lied to you, my dear. I loved you from afar for years but knew you couldn’t be mine. When you could, I broke my vow to run from love and gave you all of mine.

Temporary thing
Washed away when tides come in
Love is the worst lie


For those who are stickler-ish about things Haibun-ish, be it noted that this Extreme Haibun is a non-traditional Haibun. Like the person who wrote it, it does not care terribly much about adhering to strict rules.
For those who in the past have stated that they will demand to know if my Haibuns are fiction or non-fiction, this is your notification that this Haibun is 100% factual. However, know also that I will not elaborate further on the words I have set down in said Haibun, and I ask you to respect that.


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