Tan Renga Challenge 2019: A Lonely Fire

smoldering fireplace
the sweet perfume of burned herbs
loneliness grabs my throat
Am I doomed to be alone
For all of this foolish life?

Chevrefuelle & Cie

Chevrefuelle wrote the first stanza (the Haiku) and I wrote the second stanza (the two seven-syllable lines).


  1. Congratulations to both of you.
    Some days being alone looks better than the available alternatives.

    1. I had the alternative all too many times before I finally woke up. Romantic misery or flying solo...gee, I don't know, that's a hard choice. So not!

  2. This is great. Love this challenge that you're doing. Will follow.

    Here from the IWSG.


    1. Thank you! I've been dead terrible about visiting other people's blogs with the IWSG. Maybe now that all the April challenges are done, I can remedy that.


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