foret-vierge asked:
Do you have any advice on dealing with self-sabotaging feelings like "no one cares" and such when writing?
Yes, keep writing.

Let me ask you, is your story published? if the answer is yes answer this, has anyone told you that no one cares about it? If the answer is yes, fuck them. If the answer is no to both, why do you care? Even if those are just feelings.

If writing isn’t something you’re enjoying, find something else. I know writing is exhausting, is frustrating, is overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be depressing, it shouldn’t hurt you. it shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself and about your story.

Ask yourself if it is okay to feel this way when writing? I can tell you it isn’t, but have an honest conversation with yourself about this. This time, only you have the power to decide what you want to, no one else has that right. If writing isn’t for you it’s fine, no one will blame you, no one will point at you, no one should make you feel bad for abandoning something you’re not enjoying.

Take all the time you need to answer yourself those questions. Think about your mental health first, writing can wait.

If I am to be entirely truthful, I am one of the most if not the most prolific writer I know, and my mental health tanks when I don’t write.
Promoting is another issue. I am not the most likable personality (and no, I am not going to change and become some fake nicey-nice Stepford wife). Promotion is difficult. I rarely get acknowledgment for my creations. 
Skill and popularity are two different issues. I have the chops. I may never have the audience because I’m far too forthright about who I am.