Reunion and Expectation

A wary Hollis views the joyful scene
(Image is a Skyrim elf)

As Felice and Tinsel embraced and wept, Teacake, sensing his brother's surge of emotion, hurried down the stairs, followed by Ambrosia. The elf brothers embraced the Princess. Ambrosia hung back, not wishing to interrupt the reunion. 
Hollis walked up beside Ambrosia. She beheld his wary expression.
"What is the trouble, Hollis?" Ambrosia inquired. "Is all not well with Felice?"
"Felice is returned sound and in good condition," Hollis replied. "Ambrosia, tell me, how do you feel about being a mother?"
"I have been a mother to my nephews for most of their lives," Ambrosia replied. "Nothing has brought me greater joy. Were it not for my nephews, I would have committed suicide years ago. Why do you ask?"
"How do you feel about having your own offspring?"
"I cannot. Why would you ask such a thing?"
"Because you can, and you will be."
"Nonsense. I'm too old. You elves have very strange ways of expressing yourselves at times."
"Remember, my dear, in the Winter Realm, you do not age as you do in the Middle World. Have you not found that you have greater energy and stamina since coming here?"
"Yes, but this is a great adventure. Even an old sod like me will feel renewed for a time given the circumstance. Are you saying..."
"You catch on slowly," Hollis teased. "Yes, dearest new friend, I am saying that your amorous adventures with your elven prince have proven fruitful. You carry the child of Prince Arthur Teacake Flurry in your womb."
"I should like to know how you know this before I've had even an inkling," Ambrosia grumbled. "I suppose it's that elf empathy of yours."
"Yes, of course it is, but there is also the fact that I am quite concerned with your well-being, especially after your harrowing adventure on Zecor."
"Thank you, Hollis. You may express yourself strangely, but I appreciate your kindness. It's a shame that Felice lost her baby. Perhaps we could have supported each other."
"She did not lose her baby. The child lives."
"But how? Felice was killed! If it weren't for the magic which kept her in a suspended state between life and death..."
"The child remained in such a state as well. She walked the realms of death in spirit. Having been touched by death, she will have great power and knowledge."
"You look as if this might not be an entirely good thing."
"It need not be an entirely bad thing if she is guided well. I know that Yadira has established a positive rapport with Teacake and Tinsel, but I must see to it that she does not exert her influence upon Felice and Tinsel's daughter before I have had a chance to teach her to use her powers to the advantage of herself and others. Will you assist me, Ambrosia?"
"Any way I can, Hollis. You have my word. But you will have to explain further to me about this past life of mine and about Yadira and her connection to all of us so I can be at my most effective."

Gem Moondreamer
Lyric Starlight
The Real Cie

Ambrosia Luna and the elves appear in the three books shown below. Fair warning that these books contain explicit erotica (not featuring the above characters except for a brief interlude between Ambrosia and Teacake.) I am planning on separating the Fairytale chapters from the explicit Naughty Netherworld material, but it might not happen for a while. 
If you are okay with explicit smut and want to read more of the story, feel free to check out these books, only available on Kindle. If you would rather wait for the milder version to be published, I will alert all -666 of my fans when it is ready!


  1. Some intriguing premises here. A knowledge/understanding of death and his realms is a fascinating arena...And, as an aside, why is death always a male. The Muses are female but I cannot remember ever seeing death as a female.

    1. I can think of a couple of goddesses of death. There's Hel in Norse mythology and Kali in Hindu mythology. Still, that's not quite the same as a Grim Reaper sort of being.

    2. Hel is often portrayed as the Goddess of Hell rather than death - and Kali has other roles. Interesting isn't it?


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