NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 28 + Poems in April 2019 Day 28: Major Changes

Greetings from Grover, Colorado

Guess we're making an offer on a place that is
Really in the middle of nowhere
On the outskirts of the outskirts
Very far back in the backwater
Everything in the past leading us to this
Rural hotel in a very tiny town

Can't imagine that most folks would want to
Own a place that's such a 
Long way from everything
Out on the Northeastern plains
Rippling grasses and whispering winds
Accentuate the solitude
Dreary it may seem to most
Only the broken dream of such a view


A daunting move filled with possibilities.
This place appears in the dictionary next to the phrase "fixer-upper" and the word "boonies."
It is zoned as a multi-use property and has given new life to my dead dreams.
This may be the most important move I will ever make.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck.
    Solitude, rippling grasses and whispering winds sound pretty damn fine to me.


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