NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 27 + Poems in April 2019 Day 27: Ghost Town Salvation

The former Grover Hotel

This dusty old hotel in a run-down ghost town
Might be salvation for a broken spirit


The optional NaPoWriMo prompt was to reinterpret a Shakespearian sonnet, and the Poems in April prompt was to write a stark, two-line poem. At this stage of things, guess which prompt is going to win!
This is a photo of the building that my son and I may be buying. We will be going to see it tomorrow. 
I know this blog does not have many followers and that in general people don't like me very much, but some of you may be curious to see what happens next if we do make this place our home. And yes, it is in a place which is literally in the Ghost Towns of Colorado guide.


  1. I am indeed curious. And suspect those walls could tell many stories if they were so inclined.

    1. The town was founded in 1888. There are still 150 people living there. We'll see tomorrow if we're going to make this life-changing moves. It will be a great place to take pictures too and I'll share the renovations along the way if we do end up purchasing the property!


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