Love for Eddie: Pallav Jams

Fortunately, Fate decided to bless me with a rare moment where the stars aligned correctly. Pallav re-entered the room, a beer in one hand and his bass in the other.
"Me showy mate Ocean has inspired me to display me own particular talents," Pallav chuckled, thrusting the beer towards me. I was forced to release my grip on Ocean's hands in order to accept it, which was really for the best.
"Come on, you lot, to the living room!" Pallav commanded. "Dorn't let this cockney swagger fool ya--me ancestry is Armenian, Indian, Pakistani, and Russian, and we're gonna party like Cossacks!"
Pallav plugged in his bass and proceeded to play the Sabre Dance by the Russian-Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian. He didn't miss a beat, his wild strawberry hair flying about his face as he banged his head and sent sweat flying everywhere.
I couldn't have stopped myself from clapping and stamping my foot if I had tried. I wished that there was a way for Pallav to both play his tune and join me for a dance. He was the most fun-loving member of the group. Leik was surly and thought himself above such frivolities as dancing. Eddie was too shy to loosen up enough to dance, and Ocean's favorite dance partner was obviously himself. 
Ocean sat at the kitchen table smiling and tapping his hand. He was a striking sight to behold, but I knew I needed to keep my distance if I were to avoid having my heart broken.
As Pallav's performance drew do a close, Eddie surprised me by whistling and cheering. I clapped my hands and gave a howl of approval.
"He's good, ja?" Eddie inquired.
"Good? He ought to be a rock star! He's incredible!"
"He'll do," Leik sighed as if bored. "He can keep a beat, but he's pretty much always drunk or stoned."
"Must you be so infuriating?" Eddie demanded, shooting Leik a hateful glare. "Pallav is my friend and supposedly yours. The least you could do is say something kind without following it up with something shitty."
"Why don't you go slit your wrists, Lurch?" Leik sneered. 
"Why do you not climb up to the roof, take two leaks and a dump, and then jump?" Eddie inquired.
I roared with laughter at the Beavis and Butthead reference. Leik seemed to be temporarily at a loss for words. Pallav, hoping to diffuse the animosity between his housemates, wove his way through the partygoers and put a hand on each of their shoulders.
"Young men, there is no need to feel down!" Pallav declared. "Come, Boys, the evening is young! Why do we not show our guest some of the tunes we are working on? You will love this, Darlin'. Eddie has a voice which can wake the dead. You wouldn't guess it from his quiet way of talking, but he brings up an evil growl from the depths of his soul which is gonna bleedin' make your hair stand on end and your skin crawl. And that's a good thing, yer boy Pallav promises ya!"
Eddie blushed, but he allowed Pallav to drag him to the stage. Pallav pushed Leik onto the stage, then shouted for Ocean to join them.
"C'mon, ya blighter, we need a fuckin' drummer!" Pallav ordered. "Get the stick out of yer arse, and let's show these bastards what real music sounds like!"

~Lady Eddie~

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