By the River

Copyright Sandra Crook

The little band of wayfarers decided to have lunch by the river. Ires looked up at the grimy, rusted girder of the bridge from the Before-Time and wondered about the motorized vehicles which had once crossed the bridge and polluted the air.
Tears sprang to Ires’ eyes. A moment later she felt her brother-in-law’s hand on her shoulder. His eyes were rimmed red.
“Courage, friend,” Xed proposed in a wavering voice. “Myzal is not forever gone, only delayed. With the help of the Ukmyd, he shall renew and return to us stronger than ever.”
“I believe with you,” Ires declared.

Gem Moondreamer
The Real Cie
Tempest Nightingale LeTrope

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  1. I get the feeling I'm missing part of the story.

    1. It's a brief proto-chapter in a WIP which tends to get something written to it about once a year. I'm astounded that anyone bothered reading it at all.

  2. Clearly part of a bigger work, and one that sounds fascinating! I love the names you have created, which just in themselves take us to a different world.

  3. It might be part of a bigger project but as a little vignette on it's own, it makes a good read.

  4. Oh, this is fascinating. It has a feel of travelling to different dimensions, seeing parts of the timeline simultaneously, communicating with emotions...


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