Fetch: The Box of Dreams

The "box of dreams" GIF appears to be based on the artwork of Alex Alemany, a Spanish artist

"My friends, come with me, I have something wonderful to show you," Charon announced. "The Kraken found this chest containing a gateway to the Dreamlands. You can go there anytime and feel free to be yourselves again."
"This box allows for invisible submersion in the middle of the Cerenarian Sea," the Kraken explained. "Your ship of dreams awaits you there."

From "The Land of Lost Dreams" by Pepper Baiij

Prompts Used:
Victorious Vocabulary

Earth's Dreamlands and the Cerenarian Sea are the creations of H.P. Lovecraft
Pepper Baiij is an original character created by Team Netherworld for our WIP, Fetch.

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