Reviews of the Netherworld

One of my goals in 2019 is to do more reviews, so I'm inviting you to send me books, products, recipes, apps, games, blogs, pretty much anything you'd like me to review. 
Receipt of a product does not guarantee a positive review, but I'm not mean. Even if I'm given a barely legible self-insert fan fiction which looks to have been penned by a typing monkey, I will find some way to encourage the author to keep writing while suggesting that they ask their zookeeper to enroll them in a basic spelling and grammar skills course.
I will publish my reviews of fiction (including fan fiction) and non-fiction which is not business-oriented on the Horror Harridans Writing Sisterhood blog. Any business writing or product reviews will be published on the Deliver Me blog.
I do not review weight-loss or diet oriented products or writing. I believe in Health at Every Size, not diet culture.
I will review fan fiction and fan art with the exception of Destiel. (If you don't know what that is, be grateful for your ignorance.) That ship's toxic fanbase has ensured that I can't view art or fics thereof objectively, even if you're not one of the odious sorts of fans. 
If you are looking for an editor for your written work, click here to see my prices. I'm willing to work something out with you if you're a broke cuss like I am. No worries!
I can be reached at Please put REVIEW REQUEST in all caps in the subject line so I'll be less likely to miss it. I do get a lot of email in this box. 
Again, my reviews are 100% free, but if you are particularly happy with what I've said about your product, service, or creation, I wouldn't say no to a cup of coffee! You are also welcome to quote and link to your review on your blog or web page. Let's work together!


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